Thin Client

Thin ClientWhat is thin client?
  • Thin client infrastructure allows for all of the computing power on all your existing office computers to reside on a single secure, reliable server. Rather than working on an individual CPU, every computer is linked to a central server that handles all data processing.
Why Do I Need It?
  • Lower maintenance costs – Having to maintain an infrastructure with 400 computers is now replaced with maintaining a single server at a fraction of the cost
  • Faster processing speed
  • Increased data security
  • Greater reliability in the event of a natural disaster or emergency
How Can It Help Me?
  • Your office productivity will soar!  Spreadsheets, databases, word documents, powerpoint presentations – all completed with faster computing power over a reliable network
Where Can I Use It?
  • Everywhere!  The thin client can be used in any home or office and its sleek, compact design makes it ideal for even the tightest office space
Who Can I Get It From?
  • Let us help you determine the thin client solution that is right for you!  Contact our service team for more details and information

Partnership with BIG LK

N-Tech is proud to partner with Israel’s BIG LK to bring thin client technology to the American market.  BIG L.K. Systems is a well recognized Thin Client solution provider for 15 years.   BIG was established in 1998 as a company specializing in base terminal solutions developed  upon Coax & Twinax infrastructure for the business environment.


In 2003, the Thin Client Division and the BIGTerm series of products quickly became the primary activity of the company.  BIG prides itself on the tailored approach of its Thin Client solutions and works with customers to develop the best solution for their organization, increasing the ROI and reducing ongoing operational expenses.

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