Security Surveillance

Most Popular Features Ideal for your Small Business
  • Mobile Monitoring –  Take your security surveillance system with you on the go! Watch live and recorded video from any smartphone.

IphoneAndroidPerfect for business owners who cannot be onsite at all times, our mobile monitoring feature is standard for all
security installations and allows for internet monitoring of your business. Play back recorded video, view real-time
camera recordings, download recorded to any computer – all on-the-go and with the click of a button!


  • High Definition – get the clearest picture on the market
  • Night Vision – Record in darkness
  • Motion Detection – Records upon first movement, saving hard drive capacity
  • Data Feeds and Storage – Traditional Digital Video Recorders (DVR) input the recorded feed from all cameras simultaneously with data storage of up to 30 days.  The online interface allows live and recorded feeds from each camera at different angles
Security Surveillance Options

We are proud to offer a variety of camera options and work with each client to identify the solution that best fits their needs

  •         Infrared – can be used for night viewing and recording.  Long range functionality allows viewing up to 150 ft.  Weatherproof
  •         Dome – for indoor use.  Similar features as the infrared described above
  •         “Spy” camera – discreet camera that allows video capture without participant awareness

Partnership with DVTEL

Full integration of services is important in order to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of your business.  That is why we are proud of our partnership with DVTEL, an award-winning market  leader in development of intelligent security solutions.  Working with DVTEL enables N-Tech to fully integrate all aspects of a client’s surveillance apparatus by incorporating access control with security surveillance.  Through this partnership, we are able to provide our clients the most advanced DVTEL IP based Network Video Recorder.

DVTel-logo-300As a licensed DVTEL integrator, N-Tech provides the most advanced DVTEL IP based Network Video Recorder. DVTEL network video recorders feature an easy to navigate client interface and the exclusive SceneTracker TM technology. Upon completion of installation, we provide extensive instructional sessions to ensure that our clients are able to optimize their use of DVTEL intelligent security systems. DVTEL systems are fully expandable, which allows them to grow as the needs of a client increase.   We offer full support and warranties for all DVTEL systems that we install.

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