Computer Networking

What Will a Computer Network do for Me and My Business?  

A network allows your computers to communicate with one another securely and effectively, thereby saving you time, money, and helping to increase your productivity.  Each computer in the network “talks” to the other, thereby allowing for the transfer of information effortlessly and virtually free.   High speed servers, coupled with well maintained computers will help your business productivity soar.

Networking Services Offered
    • Secure Remote Access – work from home or remote site options available
    • Document backup – complete and secure scheduled backups.  Allows for document retrieval up to XX days.
    • Website hosting
    • Intranet Creation
    • Website Hosting
    • Multi-level access rights
    • Anti-virus protection
Computer Networking

Computer Networking

Networking Products Offered
  • Complete setup and installatione
  • Technicians available to troubleshoot any challenge any time
  • Lease and purchase options available
  • Compatable with
  •      Desktops
  •      Laptops
  •      Servers
  •      Printers
  •      Wireless routers

Partnership with Cisco


Cisco is the leader in networking solutions globally.  Headquartered in San Jose, California, Cisco specializes in the design, manufacture, and sale of networking equipment.  Known for reliability and innovation, Cisco is a brand that you trust.  N-Tech is proud of its partnership with this market leader.


Partnership with Dell 

dell-logo1High performance and durability describe the Dell networking and server equipment that N-Tech relies on to meet our client’s needs.  Dell products withstand the test of time, underpinning why the company has been around for almost 30 years.


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